Rebranding Atlantico

As many of you know, when we started Atlántico several years ago, our sole focus was on creating the best rum possible. For us, this meant countless trips to the Dominican Republic (tough job but someone had to do it, right?) working with our distiller and blender to develop the perfect recipe for our rums.

It has always been (and always will be) about the liquid in the bottle.

This attention to detail and craftsmanship is a labor of love and the #1 reason why Atlántico has been able to achieve its success thus far.


Only now, after the brand has established its reputation as a world class rum, do we feel like it is time for us to expand our horizons and set new goals for Atlántico. We are making it our mission to Change People’s Perception of rum. For us this is our singular focus as we move forward and drives us to be the best company we can be. It dictates the suppliers we choose to work with, the role we play in the La Romana community of the DR, the companies we partner with, the people we hire and of course the product we make for you (there will be future blog posts touching on each of these in the near future). It also has led down the path of revisiting the brand’s look.

Our New Look

We love rum but we also love the Caribbean. The people, food, culture and lifestyle are simply incredible. We wanted to find a way to capture the vibrancy and flavor of the Caribbean in our packaging while doing it in a classy way that is different than any other rum on the shelf. We found inspiration in the beautiful colonial tiles that can be found throughout the Caribbean and used that as the starting point for our redesign. We are really excited with the results and are so happy to share our new look with you! While this transition may seem minor in the grand scheme of things, we put a lot of time and effort into it as we see it as a small piece to helping Change People’s Perception of rum.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Atlántico and Salud!

Brandon & Aleco

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