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The process for rum making begins with sugarcane. Originally brought to the Americas, and more specifically the Dominican Republic, by Christopher Columbus, sugarcane thrives in our tropical climate. Stalks can grow as high as six meters and are very rich in sugar.

Cane Juice

When sugarcane is pressed, the result is pure cane juice, which is high in sugar content and has light, grassy characteristics. The fresh cane juice is fermented and distilled to create a lighter, more floral rum that we use in the blend that becomes ATLANTICO.


When cane juice is boiled (not fermented and distilled), some of the sugar in the juice crystallizes.  Once the crystals are removed, molasses is what remains. Molasses has heavy, bold characteristics and can be fermented and distilled to get a heavier more full-bodied rum.  We also create molasses based rums to use in the blend that becomes ATLANTICO.


Malta refers to rum that is distilled to a lower alcohol content.  As a result, it retains much more of the flavor of the actual sugarcane thus giving our skillful Master Blender more natural flavor notes to work with when developing ATLANTICO.

Solera Aging

For a proper solera aging process, barrels of rum of different ages are stacked on top of each other, the oldest on the bottom, and the youngest on the top. When it is time to bottle, only a small percentage of the bottom (the oldest) barrels’ volume will be used. The empty space created by this drawing-off will be filled with rum from the level above, and those barrels will be filled with the level above them, and onwards and upwards, while the barrels on the top level will be topped up with new rum.

The solera process is a very complex way of aging rum. We choose to use this method because it is the best way to ensure consistency.  We go to great lengths to make sure that each experience you have with ATLANTICO is as rewarding as the one before.


Only when we feel that the rums have reached their perfect level of maturity do we remove them from the barrels and bottle them by hand.  Our founders oversee each bottling and inspect every bottle before it is deemed worthy to called ATLANTICO.